3 Underrated Personality Traits Successful Salespeople Possess

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One of the biggest misconceptions about sales is that successful salespeople are born with a “sales” personality- unicorns who possess the sole skill needed to be successful in sales. Charm.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Superhero Salesperson Selleration

Assuming that sales are earned solely based on charisma is a big mistake. Being a born charmer can certainly help build strong client relationships, but most sales situations require a blend of skills and personality traits that run far deeper and are more complex. Sales skills and product knowledge can be taught, just like other occupational skills.

A different type of work ethic…

Often it is a strong, sales-specific work ethic, not innate charm that closes a deal. Management may assume that those salespeople who stay the latest and are most loyal to the company are the team members who possess the strongest work ethic. However, the work ethic required for success in sales is very different than the traditional definition of a strong work ethic.

Sales requires loyalty and commitment to the sales process, making this particular strain of work ethic different than the traditional work ethic. According to Marketing Donut 80% of non-routine sales occur only after at least five follow-ups, and only 44% of sales reps follow up after a first contact.

While working late and being loyal to the team may make these folks a pleasure to manage, it does not mean they possess a strong work ethic in sales.

Those who loyally follow the sales process, doing whatever it takes to keep the process moving, possess a strong work ethic. Salespeople with a strong work ethic have loyalty and commitment to the sale – even if they were late to work.

Firestarters wanted…

The best salespeople don’t wait for leads to fall into their lap, they are self-starters who create their own opportunities. Whether their approach to prospecting is hunting or farming, they find creative ways to start sales conversations, keep deals moving and get the deals closed.

This personality trait is also of huge benefit to management. Self-starters require less hand-holding and management oversight. These salespeople see a problem, come up with a solution and then approach management. They are creative problem solvers you can rely on to both work independently and be a productive team member.

A Hidden Superpower…

The best salespeople have a hidden superpower- they are rejection proof. People with this gift easily separate what is business and what is personal. They don’t allow their own anger to derail the sales process- because they are committed to the sale.

Those team members that internalize client rejection – either getting angry or depressed are going to have a harder time moving on to the next step in the process, or the next deal. In sales it is necessary to push forward, when most people would hold back. The ability to shrug off rejection in a positive and productive way really differentiates those who are sales superstars, from regular salespeople.

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