Inside the Mind of Your 70% Quota Salespeople

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While your top closers gets all the glory and your bottom performer gets all the warnings- the majority of your sales team can be counted on to miss quota. Dwelling within a large bubble between your quota-crushing top salespeople and your hopeless lowest performers, live the 70%ers.

These are the Salespeople who are consistently below quota – they may reach quota every couple years, but you can count on them to produce at least, let’s say, around 70% of quota. And you won’t sack them because they’re reliable and profitable. And sacking them would open you up to a great deal of risk, right?

It may seem that no matter what you do, these people won’t budge from their mediocre performance. What is going on inside their minds?

The Thumb-sitter.

Truthfully, I’m okay only hitting 70% of my quota this month, because I’m happy with the amount of money I’m bringing home for my 9-5 effort. I can live on my base and I still get pretty good commission checks as well.

Reason: They’re not motivated to reach quota, because they’re content.

The Cynic

Hitting quota? Yeah right! These guys arbitrarily hand out quotas knowing full well that most of us won’t or can’t make our number. I’d like to see management try to sell as much as they’re asking us to sell. Besides, they don’t want to give us the higher commissions.

Reason: They don’t feel it’s possible to obtain quota, and management hasn’t done a good job of setting obtainable goals with the rep or communicating.

The Confident Closer

Our “quota” is kind of a joke around the office, I’m not sure anybody reaches it! So long as I keep bringing in new business every so often and hitting a respectable number, there’s no way I will be fired.

Reason: Management isn’t using their quota effectively! If management doesn’t hold their sales team to a quota, it will be impossible for them to plan for growth.

The Sizzled

I hit quota once, but then management told me that in order to get my full commission I’ll have to hit an additional 20% that quarter. They were pretty vague when they gave me my incentive plan, so I didn’t realize this was true… ever since I’ve felt pretty demotivated knowing that my management can always “move the goal posts back.”

Reason: It’s everybody’s responsibility to clearly understand what the expectations of the sales rep will be, and if there’s any confusion somebody should speak up. Right or wrong, sales reps become demotivated if they feel cheated.

The Others

Of course, there’s the Newbie, the Misdirected, the Great Personality (great potential but lacking skills),

So What’s a Sales Manager to do?

What is a sales manager to do with a team of cynics, thumb-sitters and underskilled performers? Assess their Selling Intelligence™ score with the UPtick™ platform.

Understanding the selling behavior, sales skills and even cognitive skills of each member of your team allows you to tailor sales training to match the skills your team is missing.

Sales skills can be learned!

Sales management spends so much of their time focused on the top 20% and the bottom 20% of their team that in many cases they forget about the less exciting, middle 60%. Shifting energy and resources to understanding, training and supporting the middle 60% performers can transform a sales organization.