Our Story

We believe the Sales organization is the heart and soul of the company. Yet there are few tools that provide data-driven decision support for executive Sales leadership offering a comprehensive view into the abilities of the reps on the front line who are the people the company lives or dies by.

We’ve sold. We’ve run Sales organizations, large and small. And we’ve coached and developed thousands of sales pros. Collectively we’ve lived, eaten, and breathed Sales for more than a century. So, we get it.

Until now.

We designed and developed the UPtick™ platform to give sales organizations the insight to know who has the “right stuff” to be successful, reduce time to ramp, and improve overall effectiveness of the team. 

The UPtick™ platform was born out of a need for a better, smarter, more effective way to understand and improve sales productivity – developed by a team with a deep understanding of what it takes to succeed in Sales. 

We’ve lived it! We get it!


Empower Sales leaders to develop world class Sales Organizations that drive significant growth.

Our mission is simple and straightforward. We’ve set out to dramatically improve sales production by offering sales leaders innovative methods to identify, hire, and develop elite sales performers. 


Michael Bealmear

Co-founder, Executive Chairman

Michael Bealmear has a distinguished background as a C-Level operating executive of well-known publicly traded companies, as well as and privately held, venture backed companies. Michael’s experience includes mergers and acquisitions, raising venture funding, successful patent litigation, and the growth and development of several tech companies. Most recently, Michael was CEO of Tiburon, Inc – a private equity owned company. Career highlights include President of Sybase (Now SAP), CEO of Covansys (Now Computer Sciences Corp), CEO of HyperRoll (Now Oracle), COO of Cadence Design Systems.

Nick Rini

Co-founder, CEO

Nick has an extensive tenure in tech as an entrepreneur who has led two venture backed companies as CEO, and as an advisor to several tech company CEOs on various aspects of their business. Nick’s experience includes raising venture funding, mergers and acquisitions, sales forensics consulting, sales and sales management. Career highlights include EVP Business Development of BrandGames, CEO of Didera/Greenplum (Now EMC), founder and CEO of MicroVault, VP Sales of Citadel/McAfee (Now Intel). Nick is the recipient of the Smithsonian/Computerworld award for innovation.

Jim Wexler

Co-founder, VP Business Development

Known as the original pioneer of games as a media platform, Jim has put over 8 million advergames into play including first-ever game-based campaigns for Coca-Cola, The GAP, General Mills, and Yum Brands. He introduced the strategy of Learning Sims to corporate America, launching first-ever game-based learning platforms for several Fortune 100 companies including for Citi, Deloitte, Goldman Sachs, and Johnson & Johnson. He is a thought leader on Gamification – using game mechanics to motivate people, engage audiences and solve problems.

Jesse Llobet

Chief Scientist

Dr. Llobet has a 20 year track record successfully developing and implementing assessment tools for the purpose of identifying and selecting pre- and post-hire job applicants with the mental capacity and behavioral disposition to succeed on the job. As founder and president of PsyMetrics, a firm dedicated to the science of assessment, Dr. Llobet has developed assessments for prominent corporations. His comprehensive library of assessment content is licensed to some of the most well known assessment and talent management companies in the U.S. Dr. Llobet also has the distinction of developing assessments that predict superior athletic performance for both collegiate and professional athletes.

Janice Roberts

Vice President, Marketing

Janice began her technology career in AT&T National Account Management, where she finished her final year in the Top 1% of US Sales. From AT&T she crossed over to Marketing at systems software leader Candle Corp (now IBM) and was an integral part of the team that delivered 71% worldwide share. Recruited by HP, Roberts led the team that launched HP Professional Services, now a multi-billion dollar operating unit. Prior to joining Selleration, she applied her marketing and Comms expertise to address the needs of a myriad of B2B Tech firms including NEC, Microsoft, Ixia Corp, and multiple startups. Janice is a big Spartan fan, hailing from Michigan State University, and holds an MBA from Pepperdine’s Graziadio School of Business.

Joe Flaherty

Chief Technology Officer

Joe is a nine year veteran of developing games, social media, mobile applications and server back-ends for leading businesses and organizations. He has extensive knowledge of working with training software and Learning Management Systems. Joe’s specific specialty is developing back-end systems for multiplayer games and training simulations. He served as Lead Developer and System Engineer at BrandGames and as a Senior Programmer at Kuma Games.

Matt Plotecher

Director, Customer Experience

Over the course of Matt Plotecher’s 15 year career in game design and multimedia development, he has been the architect behind several award-winning games, covering the gamut of styles: training, education, social, online, mobile, narrative, core, and causal. His talents encompass numerous aspects of game development, especially in the roles of Project Manager, Producer, and Writer. In addition to his work with previous clients Microsoft, Nokia, and Konami, he has also served as the Associate Chair of the New York Film Academy’s Game Design program, as well as their Game Design instructor.