Selleration’s UPtick Sales Readiness Platform now predicts quota attainment

New York, NY: Selleration, an innovator in enterprise software for Sales Leaders, announced today a unique ability to predict sales quota, adding functionality to their robust Sales Readiness platform, UPtick™. This analytical software can be used to assess new Sales Professional’s selling capabilities during the hiring process, onboarding, or even assess and identify gaps in existing teams to help beat quota. The new Predictive Analytics capabilities reflect UPtick’s continued evolution and Selleration’s commitment to support sales success and improved Sales performance.

To deliver Sales Predictive Analytics Selleration has used machine learning and advanced algorithms, combined with a proprietary analysis of sixteen key sales performance, cognitive and behavior attributes to predict quota attainment. Results from over 70 assessment variables are then leveraged to provide insight regarding future sales performance. Selleration is focused on improving Sales capabilities in three areas: measurement, development and prediction. This boosts capabilities in both measurement and prediction. used UPtick Predictive Analytics to assess front line sales reps

“We used Selleration’s UPtick enterprise software to evaluate and rank our sales force, who are front line reps in Sales Development”, reports Stephen Hays, CEO and Founder of Alleyoop, a Sales and Marketing Services firm based in Buffalo, NY. “We found the predictions to be spot on, and it helped us further assess and develop the resources we offer clients, enabling an improved customer experience.”

Hays continued: “We’re always looking for ways to identify, nurture, and retain only the best talent to ensure a high quality of service for our customers. It’s this ongoing objective that led us to Selleration.”

“Selleration accelerates revenue growth by helping sales leaders improve sales readiness and the quality of their sales professionals”, says Nick Rini, CEO and co-founder of Selleration. “UPtick places reps in real-world selling situations and the ability to assess and predict their sales performance and quota attainment is a natural next step in the evolution of the UPtick platform.”

The <em>UPtick™</em> platform ideal for organizations in search of greater Sales results

Selleration was founded by long-time sales pros Nick Rini and Michael Bealmear with the goal of improving the success of professional Sales organizations and individual sales people.
Selleration’s UPtick is used by leading companies to develop consultative sales skills in a safe environment, paving the way for greater sales success. It is the only system that offers scalable, automated role plays, uniquely combining assessment with training to find and address gaps in sales skills, producing a higher functioning sales force. Headquartered in New York City, more information can be found at


Janice Roberts at Selleration