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Hiring: Pick the right person from the start

A bad sales hire can cost hundreds of thousands in wasted time, wages and lost opportunity, with a minimum of 12-18 months typically to replace with a satisfactory Sales Pro.

McKinsey asked 1013 companies if they had the right Sales talent for future growth and only 42% said they did. Selleration can help identify world-class Sales talent and enable you to make the right hire the first time.

Question: Do you have the right Sales Talent?

Are your reps making quota?

Sales Teams are not meeting Corporate expectations

Salesforce, in their State of 2019 report that 57% of Sales teams did not expect to meet quota in 2019. How do your Sales pros stack up?

Evaluate sales pros with a data-driven approach

Measure objectively the sales skills and selling behaviors most likely to contribute to your  bottom line

  • Rapidly assess 13 behavioral attributes that predict Sales success
  • Learn cognitive capabilities that influence Selling Judgment
  • Sales professionals can take assessments via mobile devices, tablets or laptops

Measure key Selling attributes of candidates to ensure a Sales fit

Simulated role plays can be used in Hiring to evaluate Sales JudgementTM consistently and objectively

Leverage automated, scalable 3D Animation to Measure Sales Judgment of your recruits

Assess candidates and score automatically and consistently six areas where Sales Judgment would be critical:

  • Sales Foundational skills / creating rapport
  • Prospecting
  • Discovery – Needs Analysis
  • Presenting skills
  • Objection Management
  • Closing or Negotiating

Predict Quota Attainment

UPtick for Hiring lets you predict quota attainment for Sales candidates who take the initial Sales Evaluation, measuring your findings against your in-house high performers to identify those who can compete with your best reps. This unique capability leverages artificial intelligence for ground-breaking results that

  • Reduce the risk of hiring the 40% who will not make quota
  • Increase revenues and improve Time-to Revenue

Predict quota to evaluate potential success and contribution of candidates

Customize the “Knowledge Game” to test candidates on a wide variety of topics, including competition industry knowledge, common terms

Measure industry knowledge with UPtick Trivia

Easily customize the UPtick Trivia game to test Industry knowledge or common terms. Measure all candidates objectively on the same scale for knowledge of key facts.

“I’ve been a user and fan of UPtick at both of my last two companies, where I helped hire and train thousands of SDRs, and each of them went through the UPtick Sales Assessment. Now at my new company, I won’t hire anyone without using UPtick’s Assessment, which is super accurate.  If you are serious about hiring the best Sales reps, I recommend using UPtick to find the best talent – hands down, one of the smartest decisions you can make!”

Ryan Reisert
Co-founder and former CEO
The Sales Developers

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