Onboarding Solutions

Onboarding: Reduce Time-to-Ramp

Hubspot recently wrote that the average new hire takes 6-9 months to become productive.

Training Magazine reports it takes 381 interactions to achieve results matching your mature reps.

With 20% turnover in Sales personnel, and with growth of the sales organization layered on that, on-boarding approximately 25% new reps every year represents a huge opportunity for your company.

Sales Benchmark Index (SBI) found in their study of 700+ sellers that 2/3 of them were not happy with their first day on the job. “They left Day One feeling disengaged.”

UPtick Onboarding for Modern Sellers

Training that includes seeing / hearing / doing for real engagement and retention of new information

At-a-glance reporting of team and individual’s levels of assessed skills

  • A customized Sales Onboarding experience that includes a baseline Selling Judgment and Skills Assessment
  • 3D Animated Role-play simulations
  • Gamified industry / company / product / market training
  • Learning cadence designed for the individual sales rep with coaching
  • Available via mobile, tablet or desktop

Evaluate each new hire’s Sales DNA

During onboarding, you can evaluate your new hire’s Selling Behaviors. UPtick can help you measure fourteen key attributes like:

  • Achievement drive
  • Leadership
  • Self-starter
  • Work Ethic

This enables you to create a baseline that assesses strengths and weaknesses, and how your newest sales pros stack up against known winners in the organization. The assessment identifies areas of improvement so you know where to invest and train.

Click down to detail behind individual assessments to understand Selling Judgement™ scores

After completing the Sales conversations, onboarding participants receive scores and coaching insights

Flexible, effective Role-Play Simulations

Most sales trainers view role-play as an effective and necessary way to train new sales reps in best practices and your standard sales practices / methodologies. But it is costly and sometimes difficult to arrange, requiring Sales Managers or expert sellers to leave the field to conduct simulations.

Selleration solves this with next-generation 3D animated role-plays, featuring avatars and available to be taken on any mobile device or desktop.

Selleration’s scalable role-play solutions cover all aspects of the sales cycle, and can be incorporated into a prescribed Learning Cadence. They include:

  • Sales Foundational skills / creating rapport
  • Prospecting
  • Discovery – Needs Analysis
  • Presenting skills
  • Objection Management
  • Negotiating and closing the deal

Virtual Reality Positioning and Pitch Training

UPtick now offers a new virtual reality (VR) capability that enables companies to cement their elevator pitch in and outside of the boardroom leveraging experiential learning that is consistently administered, scored,  and evaluated for key messaging and learning retention. Pioneered in conjunction with Selleration customer John Hancock, this add-on can be customized for you for an innovative, world-class onboarding experience

Our newest onboarding modality: Virtual Reality training for Elevator pitches, useful and fun for new hires

 Predict Sales success and how your new hire will contribute to the bottom line

Predict Quota Attainment

During the on-boarding process, you can use the AI/Machine learning capabilities of UPtick to predict quota attainment for your new hires, with input from the initial Sales Evaluation and cognitive testing, after profiling existing performers.

Gamify industry training with UPtick Knowledge Game

Easily customize the UPtick Trivia game to test Industry knowledge or common terms. Measure all candidates objectively on the same scale for knowledge of key facts.

A customized “Knowledge Game” enables you to test onboarding participants on a variety of competitive and industry knowledge and terms

“Nestlé Purina has a relentless focus on uncovering new and better ways to do business and deliver value. Developing our employees by leveraging voice recognition and virtual reality is an example of this strategy in action. When I approached Selleration with this request, it was a natural extension of the modern sales enablement and 3D animated role play they have provided Purina in the past. Once again they have exceeded our expectations, and we intend to build on it.”

Gene Feldman
Nestle Purina
Global Learning and Development Manager